We’ve teamed up with Landry’s Bicycles for 2019 to host a series of awesome rides and events at their shops in the greater Boston area. Some will feature guest appearances by the brand-new Velocio Airstream trailer!

Bike-to-Work Day Bike’n’Beers Presentation @ Landry’s Boston

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Do you bike to work in Boston? Do you often wonder when the heck the roads on your commute are going to get fixed? Do you love good, bicycle-friendly street designs, and want to see what’s happening to bring more of that to Boston? Do you not care about any of this but just want an excuse to drink with your bike friends on a Friday night? Our own Preston Buehrer, Transportation Engineer at Toole Design Group will be answering these questions in a brief presentation, complete with refreshments provided by Lamplighter Brewing.

Chamois Wars: Green Line Velo / Velocio NE Summer Solstice Wednesday Night Ride

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Best frenemies Green Line Velo & Velocio Northeast team up for a special Wednesday night ride from Landry’s Boston. Green Line Velo’s longstanding Wednesday Night Group Ride is a Boston cycling institution, so what better way to honor it than to make it about us! Only two days before the official summer solstice, come celebrate the endless daylight with two of New England’s premier cycling teams.

New England Crit Week Coffee Spin

Monday, July 8th, 2019

New England Crit Week: the biggest single week of bike racing on the New England calendar. This: the single biggest recovery ride on the New England calendar. If you need to spin the lactic acid out of your legs and complain about how hard you got chopped in turn 3 at Fitchburg, or you don’t care about crits at all but just want to ride with a bunch of fast people who want to ride really slow, come spin with us!

PMC Ride on Sturbridge

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Are you riding in the 2019 Pan-Mass Challenge? Wanna get in a little “opener” ride so you’re primed and ready to go on Saturday morning? Ride to the start in Sturbridge with us through the rolling hills of Central MA on Friday.