Quarantine Tour Giveaway! (Updated)

As mentioned in the 4/17 update, our amazing clothing sponsor is sweetening the pot for everyone participating. They are giving us FOUR $200 gift cards to give away just for riding your bikes (and a couple of other very easy things). We’re splitting them two for Boston and two for NH. Velocio sponsored team members aren’t eligible. Sorry to disappoint Velocio Northeast, Apex Velo-Velocio and Velocio//Exploro. We know how good the Velocio clothing is and want to make sure others experience it too.

All you have to do is 3 simple things:

  1. Be a member of the Strava club for the area you’re completing the segments and ride the first 3 stages by the end of week 3. That means 4/24 for Boston and 5/1 for NH.
  2. Register here with an email for the related tour: Boston or NH, you’ll get 15% off an order just for signing up.
  3. Take a photo of your bike, a selfie, a landscape photo, any good looking photo at the required spot (it’ll be near the segments and on the suggested route), post it to Instagram and tag the tour. Boston’s hashtag is #TourdeBoston2020 and the photo spot is Ponyhenge! See Matt’s post for all the important details, some fun routes to complete the segments and helpful maps since Google isn’t perfect. NH’s location is Wason Pond and the hashtag is #TourdeSouthernNH. The photos must be a post and not a story (otherwise it’ll disappear and when we go to look for it, we won’t be able to find it). If you don’t have instagram, now’s the time to sign up.

UPDATE: As of Friday, we have about 40 people in the running for the gift cards for Tour de Boston. NH is further apart, but the competition is much less fierce. Remember you can make up the first segments this week if you need to, so if you missed one week or both, go get ’em now!

If you feel inclined, please tag @velocioapparel on Instagram. They keep the team looking good and feeling comfy and want to help you do the same. They are a small local business based in New England and couldn’t be nicer people. For example, while most small business are making hard decisions and cutting back, they are charging ahead selling a limited edition jersey and giving ALL the profits to charities to help offset the effects of COVID-19. We’re stoked to share their efforts and stories with you and if you agree that it’s a worthy cause, please share with your circle as well.

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