Tour de Southern New Hampshire

Longtime team member and generator of copious amounts of watts, Matt Curbeau, had a great idea this week to help break the monotony of solo training rides during our period of social distancing. He announced the Tour de Boston which kicked off today. Since the team is spread far and wide, we decided why not get more areas in on the fun? With that, we’re happy to announce the Tour de Southern New Hampshire.

What is the Tour de Southern New Hampshire? It’s a personal challenge to go explore some new roads, some great roads you might ride already and some roads you’ve ridden by a dozen times but never turned down. These rides must be done solo, we’re in a global pandemic after all. We’ll give an exception to rides done with people you live with. Since Southern NH is pretty big, we’ll do our best to keep it manageable. We won’t go east on Portsmouth, north of Concord and west of Keene (probably Amherst, but who knows how long this goes.)

How does it work? We’ll post a Strava segment on Twitter (@VelocioNE) and on Instagram (VelocioNortheast) and here every Friday afternoon or evening starting on April 10th and finishing sometime around when racing begins again. This could go two weeks, this could go all summer, we really don’t know. All you have to do is ride that segment in the following week. You can ride slow, you can ride fast, you walk it because you got a flat and didn’t bring a tube. As long as it shows up on Strava, you’ll get credit. To help manage this, you must also join the Strava club

What if I found this out just now and I’m a few weeks behind? First off, welcome! To actually answer you question, we’ll have a few make up weeks where you can double up and make up one you missed in addition to riding the current week’s segment.

What do you win? Other than fitness and hopefully some new roads to ride, we’ll make some small token that’ll commemorate it all. It’s very likely going to be a sticker or patch, but we’ll figure it out and come up with a fun design so you’ll actually want to stick/sew it somewhere and show it off.

That should be everything you need to get going but if you have questions, leave a comment below or send up a note on one of the social media channels.