New Kit Day is the Best Day

Velocio’s relationship with our team goes back all the way to its roots. Brad Sheehan and Andrew Gardner, two of the co-founders of Velocio, both rode for, and at separate points managed this team in its previous incarnations.

That’s why every year, when we get our new racing kits, we’re not just giddy with anticipation for all of what a new kit symbolizes — new season, new me, new team, etc. More importantly, we’re proud to see how far Velocio has come as a brand in such a short time, iterating on all of its products from a design and quality perspective to create the finest pieces of cycling clothing available. Each year, the designs get better, and the pieces get more sublimely comfortable. Every single piece of feedback we provided last year is accounted for. Every detail is tighter, more refined.

To answer a common question we get: we don’t ride custom Velocio kit. We ride pieces that are available for anyone to purchase, and then print the logos of our gracious sponsors tastefully on the jerseys aftermarket. We like it this way. Our kits aren’t just for racing, they’re for anyone who wants to pedal a bike and be comfortable. And trust us, you will be comfortable.

So without further ado, we present to you our 2019 team kits. The best, made even better.

Clockwise from top left: Men’s Multi SE Jersey, Gold Navy, $169; Men’s Wind Vest, Gold Yellow, $149; Men’s Signature Bibs, Navy, $229; Men’s Signature Sock, Navy, $19; Race Glove, Navy, $39;