2018 Road Season – Photos

2018 was a pivotal year for us, quite literally. We said goodbye to a legacy team, most of whom had moved on to bigger and better things, and reshuffled the deck with an entirely new roster, new sponsors and new management structure. In short, everything was new, and nothing was certain. Thankfully, it wouldn’t take long for everyone to settle in to a new rhythm, and the hits just kept coming. What a year for our little team. Scroll below to relive one of the most exciting years for us in photos.

Team Camp – The Goods
Team Camp – “Lads I have approximately this many watts”
Team Camp – Gravel was ground.
Team Camp: Spelunking
Team Camp – Auspicious beginnings to a day that escalated VERY quickly.
Curbeau starting off the season with a 2nd place at Palmer Koerse. Photo: Jon Nable
KBH on his way to winning Rasputitsa! Photo: Meg McMahon
Rasputitsa Podium. Photo: Meg McMahon
KBH’s bike mechanic tuning up his KSR podium-worthy TT machine.
Monson RR
An Irishman in his natural habitat.
Keeping it tight at New England Crit Week in our Stained Glass jerseys.
Beverly was wet.
The big move at Fitchburg. Also, it was hot.
Curbeau, the firestarter, driving the breakaway at Haverhill.
GMSR prep.
GMSR Crit. Business time.
“See! Sometimes when you try you do OK!” – Mike’s wife after he wins the sprint jersey in the GMSR Cat 2 race. We’re proud of you Mike.
Connor winning the last race of the season in style – the New Haven Grand Prix. Photo: Ansel Dickey